Welcome to Costa Mesa Physical Therapy

Costa Mesa Physical Therapy provides revolutionary physical therapy and wellness treatment to the community of Costa Mesa, California, and the surrounding areas.  We strive to provide individualized treatment to make life-changing outcomes a reality.  This is accomplished by combining cutting edge, hands on techniques, education, and exercises that are custom tailored to each patient. Using this multi-faceted approach immediately helps to decrease pain and speed up the recovery process.  Patients have the option to combine physical therapy with acupuncture to truly receive the best possible non-invasive, conservative care.  It is our dedication to excellent patient care that will help us to improve the lives of thousands of patients.

What is Physical Therapy?

Costa Mesa Physical Therapy offers the most cutting edge non-invasive conservative care available!

Learn about Acupuncture!

Costa Mesa Physical Therapy is proud to offer acupuncture and oriental medicine to help our patients live life to their fullest.

Meet our staff!

Our staff focuses on continued education to provided our patients with the fastest approach to alleviate pain and return to full function!


Providing care for Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Santa Ana.